Erica’s profound enjoyment in the art of ambiance, food and festivities inspired and led her to start Bride’s Bestie. Prior to planning and designing weddings, Erica worked in the hospitality industry where for over 7 years she learned the secrets and skills behind event coordination, venue interior design, and upscale service. In 2009, Erica left the hospitality industry to explore other opportunities. It wasn’t long before she discovered her true passion of orchestrating and organizing beautiful events. 

When she is not planning weddings, Erica enjoys a quite movie night at home with her husband, making home-cooked meals, and reading design or travel magazines.


Jada has a background in fashion marketing and management. She has been a part of the Bride’s Bestie team since 2015. With her skills in organization, customer service, project management and teamwork, she loves helping to make a bride’s dream wedding come to fruition.

In her free time, Jada loves to go to the beach, take barre class, and enjoy good meals with friends.