Thanks again, Erica, for creating an amazing evening! Erica helped me planned my wedding. she also did the design and styling of and everything turned out really beautiful. She designed my floral centerpieces, and also helped me with the overall color palette and choosing the colors of linens, napkins, etc. My hubby and I kept getting compliments from our guests through out the evening. Erica and her team also coordinated the day, and everything went really smoothly. Everything was set up and the decorated beautifully. Thanks again- Not sure what I would’ve done without her!
— Pamela + Nick

Erica and her team was tremendous! Before, during, and after the wedding, she was very attentive to all the details and kept everything running smoothly. Before the ceremony began, Erica and her team set everything up in the reception room. She placed all menus, favors, and table numbers on the tables for our 200+ guests. She proactively communicated with the venue whenever an issue came up. During the wedding, she was constantly within reach if we needed her. She seemed to always know when we would need her assistance. In summary, Erica and her team helped our wedding go as smoothly as possible. She really took care a lot of the details and allowed us to enjoy our special day. I very very highly recommend her! Thank you Erica!
— Lauren + Eric

Wow! Erica was a pleasure to work with throughout every step of our wedding. Not only does she provide great insight and experience, she easily accommodated and executed any changes I threw her way. What really sold me on hiring her was how quickly she responded to my emails and once she met with the Bride and I we knew she would be perfect. Both Erica and her assistant Jada were true professionals, they produced our vision impeccably and kept our wedding right on schedule. I highly recommend you hire Erica for your wedding, you wont regret it!
— Bryce + Danielle

Erica was a wonderful wedding planner and a pleasure to work with. We were looking for a planner to help push us in the right direction on planning our somewhat eclectic wedding. While we performed much of the up-front work, we especially needed help with details and logistics, prodding as due-dates approached, and especially handling the day-of coordination. Erica was the perfect person for the job. At our initial meeting, Erica listened carefully to our desires and needs. She worked to understand our motivations and vision, nuancing our ideas so that they would work best, while steering us away from ideas that might not work so well. She was outstanding in finding us options for a preferred hotel for our guests. She expertly handled all the coordination of our rentals and their delivery, despite our ever-changing needs, keeping tabs of and reminding all the service providers of the proper delivery items and times. Most notably, Erica excelled in her day-of coordination. She masterfully orchestrated the detailed schedule, which was executed to nearly the minute. During the wedding day, she was always in the exact right location to ensure that the next cue would be given and the next event executed with precision. She was everywhere she needed to be, but at the same time was completely unobtrusive. She came across as gentle but firm, leading guests to think that she was family, rather than our coordinator. Erica has a fine eye for detail, and she takes suggestions well. When we did not adopt a suggestion of hers, she certainly did not take it personally, and adopted our desired path and vision. Erica was a level-headed voice during what for us was a busy whirlwind time of excitement and stress. We highly recommend her for your event.
— Mabel + Robert